Goodbye debts with credit for teachers

A couple of years ago, in the days before Christmas, the party and the preparations to celebrate those days when we met with the family caused me a serious economic problem which I can not yet replace.

In addition, we already know that this is one of the most emotional times for children, for which, gifts could not miss even if the pockets were empty.

This was how a credit for teachers was a great option for me in this situation.

Thus began that era from which my finances have suffered a severe blow, financially speaking. I finished the month of November and my children were already very excited to make their letter to Santa Claus.

I have two small children, the oldest of 8 years and the youngest of 5. Both anxiously await the morning when they can wake up and open their gifts at the foot of the tree.

This was something that could not fail, but added to that, also came the expenses of the dinner and also, the payments that had to be made at the beginning of the year, of course, counting the increases in prices and services that year with the year they occur.

One fine day, while we were in the supermarket, I was offered a credit card with benefits within the same departmental store and some other participants.

The truth is that everything sounded very beautiful.

They told me that I did not have annuity costs and the interest rates were very low, in addition, they also offered me a certain percentage of return on each of my purchases, so, I thought I could also save some money. The card was wonderful and the approaching dates demanded it.

In addition to being able to buy more things, I had the opportunity to save. For example, in children’s toys that are becoming more expensive, perhaps in addition to buying them what they asked for would be able to give them an extra thing.

So the surprise would be double.

At that time I started the process because they only asked for an identification. It was very easy to accept and start at that moment.

The process finished and they gave me my card which I could start using from that same visit to the store.

Although I already had it in my hands, I did not want to do it until December and as the month’s purchases arrived.

It was as well as without knowing it, in the same month I acquired all the debts that I could have had in my life.

The electronic toys, the bicycle, the turkey, the pantry and all the Christmas decorations, I also took the opportunity to make some modifications in the house and buy a dish to receive visitors on the day of the dinner.

I gave myself the luxury of spending money as if the world were going to end or worse as if the card had given me extra money.

Of course, at the time I did not realize.

I was not an expert in finance and I had never had a credit card.

It was until later when the statement arrived that I noticed the amount of money I owed.

Not only was it what he had spent, but it was also the interest accumulated by each of the purchases, which were not a small thing.

The truth is that when that receipt arrived at my house I wanted to cry. My teacher’s salary was not going to reach me even to pay the minimum of each month.

In addition to these debts, I had to pay the expenses of the children, the school, the services of the house and all the expenses derived from it.

It sounded crazy and of course, while not paying even the minimum, the account was growing more and more.

Of course, the months passed and I still could not pay off the debt.

In order not to tell you a long story, the growing debt lasted for a year and a half. 18 months during which I just felt like working to pay for a card I took without knowing.

I can not say that they deceived me because it was really my fault, it was one of those decisions that are made with emotion, without thinking about the consequences.

One of my neighbors in the colony is a government worker like me, only that she is an employee of a government agency and I am a teacher of public education.

My neighbor told me that one day he had a very big debt with a hospital because one of his daughters had had an accident and needed urgent surgery.

That is how he met Credifiel, a credit institution that allowed him to obtain a credit via payroll.

But what I needed was a credit for teachers.

Anyway, I tried and approached them to ask about the options they had.

I was effectively told that because I was a government worker they could give me a loan for teachers which I could pay through my payroll and that way the interest would be reduced.

The loan of money was very fast.

Since I made the request until they gave me the money, very few hours passed.

This was wonderful because after my debt grew for 18 months, all I needed was to pay it as soon as possible. Well, that’s how I finally settled my account, thanks to the credit for teachers that Credifiel made me.

Although later I had to settle my account with them, this was much more accessible than messing with the bank or a department store that wants to charge you interest for any reason.

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